Colin Crawford

Colin Crawford

CEO Media 7 Colin’s interest is the integration of print, online and digital distribution and how technology changes the way audiences and ... More »CEO Media 7 Colin’s interest is the integration of print, online and digital distribution and how technology changes the way audiences and advertisers respond to quality content no matter in which form it is distributed - online, print, mobile or at conferences, seminars and expositions. He believes that in this interactive, digital world, media companies have to put audience interests first and provide services and solutions that keeps those audiences engaged and participating. Colin has been involved in the Apple industry since 1987 and was CEO of Macworld from 1985 to 2003. He launched IDG Connect, a lead generation business in 2003, When he left IDG Communications in 2008 he was EVP Interactive at IDG Communications. Colin is involved with a number of companies in an advisor and non-executive capacity.

Return to Glory: How Steve Jobs Saved Apple

Colin Crawford, who ran Macworld in the 1990s along with publications such as MacWEEK, recalls asking Jobs back then why he wanted to return to the company he had founded. “He sort of ...

Sign on the digital line

Tech cover story for Real Estate Photo: Lee Fenyves, Tech cover story for Real Estate - phone with DocuSign Photo: Courtesy, Photo Tech cover story for Real Estate Photo: Lee Fenyves, When Colin Crawford and his wife began negotiating the purchase ...

Heavy Hitters in Publishing and Digital Media Industry Join MAZ Advisory Board

Sarah Chubb, Colin Crawford, and Arie Abecassis have come together to officially form the MAZ Advisory Board. Sarah Chubb is the former President of Conde Nast Digital and Conde Net, an online division of the publishing powerhouse. Over her 15-year career at Conde Nast, Ms. Chubb is ...

Winds of change blow more briskly through B2B media

“There are still huge opportunities for B2B publishers, but many need an attitude adjustment to deal with the new realities, which today are being driven by the four pillars of technology: cloud, data, social and mobile,” said Colin Crawford, a media consultant and former executive with ...

Colin's Corner: The Conferize Manifesto

The goal is to build a platform to enable BDMs to find and discover great conferences, especially via peer to peer recommendations; to deliver tools to help them participate while engaged with the online and offline events and then to provide a resource for post conference activities. It's a ...

Colin's Corner: The transformation of IDG

For over four decades we’ve had print blood running through the veins of the corporate body. But over the last few years we’ve seen dramatic change. Today the absolute dollar growth of our online revenues now exceeds the decline in our print revenues. This occurred in the US in 2006 and in ...

Fearing LinkedIn :: MinOnline

By Colin Crawford

This is an excerpt from Media 7 CEO Colin Crawford's Why B2B Publishers Should Fear LinkedIn commentary in the May 14 min. The conclusion, on the opportunities offered by LinkedIn, will be in the May 21 issue.. If you have breaking news to share please contact min’s editors...

PC World Editor Quits Over Apple Story

Colleagues at my former outlet, PC World magazine, have told me that Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken quit abruptly today because the company’s new CEO, Colin Crawford, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs. The piece, a whimsical article titled "Ten Things We Hate About ...

The Future of Publishing

Just a few years ago, some people were ready to write publishing off. Social media, crowdsourcing, content farms, wherever you looked there was somebody aiming to put traditional publishers out of business. People were understandably scared. Red ink spewed everywhere. Layoffs at major media ...

iTunes U Replaces Dusty Britannica for the New E-Savvy Kid :: MinOnline

By Colin Crawford

This is an excerpt of the article written by Media 7 CEO Colin Crawford. If you have breaking news to share please contact min’s editors...

Colin's Corner: Remembering Steve Jobs

I first met Steve Jobs in August 1997, a little before I was due to introduce him on stage at Macworld Boston. His ice breaking comment was to severely criticize my dress code while attempting to pull off my tie. In a later meeting in Cupertino, he took me through his plan for Apple, how he ...


IDG APPOINTS Colin Crawford VP, NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATIONS ... Headquartered in Boston, International Data Group (IDG) informs more ...

Why B2b Publishers Should Fear Linkedin Part 1: The Challenge :: MinOnline

Shares of the NASDAQ-traded LinkedIn (LNKD) rose more than 8% to record levels after first-quarter results that topped analysts’ estimates. Revenues totaled $188.5 million across the 161-million-members LinkedIn’s three key lines of business: hiring services (54%), marketing solutions (26%,) ...

Apple's 'Resolutionary' New iPad :: MinOnline

Posted by Colin Crawford on Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 02:05 PM ...

iPad Replaces Britannica as Parents Invest in Their Kids' Future :: MinOnline

Apple's mission is to change the model from one where responsibility for purchasing books falls on a school board to the student being responsible.... This area is only available to paid subscribers. Please login below with your username and password. If you would like more information on ...


Colin Crawford is CEO and Founder of Media7, a consultancy and strategic advisory company focusing on mobile media. He is also a Venture Affiliate at IDG Ventures. Mr. Crawford has a track record of management success over 20 years in diverse international media businesses...

Marketing Ireland's Marketing & Media Monthly Magazine

Colin Crawford is billed as a “digital media expert”. A former publisher of MacWorld in the US, he now runs the New Media 7 consultancy in San Francisco. If the assembled delegates expected the day’s headline speaker was going to wave a magic wand and provide the panacea for all ...

Publishing 360 – The Future for Magazines

Colin Crawford has more than 20 years experience in media — print, online mobile publishing and events — both in the UK and the US. Born in London, he grew up in Belfast and is presently based in San Francisco where he is CEO of Media7 Consultancy. Hi career included time at IDG, the ...

UBM Tech drops print entirely to focus on digital and events

UBM Tech today announced a restructuring in support of a new approach that integrates online media and live events to engage b-to-b technology communities. As part of the restructuring, UBM Tech is discontinuing all print publishing, folding four underperforming events, shutting down two ...

Why b2b Publishers Should Fear LinkedIn: Part 2: The Opportunity :: MinOnline

By Colin Crawford Last week, I wrote how over the past decade I became a convert to Linked-In’s potential to completely disrupt the $460 billion business and information-service industry. Included are recently launched impressive applications for the iPad and smartphones... This area is ...

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