Real news.

You already track social news about your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

But when there's real news about them, you usually miss it.

Newsle tracks real news. Every story in your Newsle newsfeed is a real news article from a newspaper, news website, or blog that mentions or quotes your friend.

Track anyone.

You can follow your Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, favorite actors, authors, athletes, or anyone else who interests you.

You'll find out when your friend wins an award, when your former colleague starts a company, or when your favorite actor has a drunken meltdown.

You can also search for people you don't follow to get a read on someone you're about to meet.

Build your reputation.

Newsle lets you know whenever you're mentioned online.

Your Newsle profile features your news mentions, and you can embed your personal Newsle widget in your site or blog.

Your Newsle Rank is a number from 0-100 that measures your prominence in the news.

Get email alerts.

Your friends only make the news when they do something big. When that happens, you need to know immediately.

If your friend wins an award, you might want to congratulate them. If your former colleague starts a company, you might want to work with them.

When we find an important article about you or a friend, we'll email you within a few hours.

Newsle is comprehensive.

Newsle tracks news across the entire web.

Newsle checks every major newspaper, news site, and blog for news hourly, as well as most minor ones.

Every day, every news article runs through our system.