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Former Piston Rick Mahorn is 'principal for a day' at Highland Park Community High School

By Aaron K. Foley

Aaron Foley | MLive.comFormer Detroit Pistons power forward Rick Mahorn sits at the principal's desk at Highland Park Community High School. "Teachers are underpaid. Principals are underpaid. To live in their shoes for a day is minimal," he said. Rick Mahorn wasted no time laying down ...

Sen. Bert Johnson's reinvestment plan picks up steam amidst anti-emergency manager sentiment

By Aaron K. Foley

Aaron Foley | MLive.comSandra Hines, a member of State Sen. Bert Johnson's Financial and Academic Reinvestment Commission, speaks to a crowd at the Ford Recreational Center in Highland Park. When State Sen. Bert Johnson held his first Financial and Academic Reinvestment Commission ...

Lions tackle Ndamukong Suh tours Detroit Auto Show: 'It's something for us to be proud of'

By Aaron K. Foley

Aaron Foley | MLive.comNdamukong Suh and his sister Ngum Suh check out the Fiat display at the Detroit auto show on January 9, 2012. He plays football for the Ford family. He does commercials for Chrysler. And after two seasons in Detroit, Ndamukong Suh feels like he's a part of the Motor City...

Today's top 3: 'Y'all don't care' Parents, board members come to blows at Highland Park school me

By Aaron K. Foley

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Luxurious year? Automakers switch focus to U.S. luxury market at 2012 Detroit auto show

By Aaron K. Foley

The public show opens each day at 9 a.m. MLive.com’s Aaron Foley contributed to this article...

Detroit Man Shot After Telling Speeder To Slow Down Around Kids

By Aaron K. Foley

A 23-year-old Detroit man was shot and killed shortly after yelling at speeding driver going down his street to slow down because there were kids playing in the area. A suspect was arrested and is in custody, but it's not known if the speeder and the shooter are one in the same. Meanwhile, the ...

How Detroit Artists Will Make Car Designers Battle In The Streets

By Aaron K. Foley

What happens when street art, breakdancing and a car show all happen on the same grounds? A launching pad for what could become the next great Detroit automotive experience. Trying to keep up with the art scene in this city is an exercise in patience. There are those who get the lion's share of ...

Lions' Nate Burleson Crashed A Yukon, Broke Arm Trying To Save Pizza

By Aaron K. Foley

We've all been there — two Hot and Readys in the front seat and you're just trying to keep up with the crazy traffic on 696 and then all of a sudden pizza's just flying every which-a-way. We know, Nate, we know. Apparently Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson was caught in this very predicament ...

How To Explain Living In A Bankrupt City

By Aaron K. Foley

How To Explain Living In A Bankrupt City Do you have a bunch of questions about Detroit that you were too afraid to ask? It's fine, we'll always try to answer them in the best way we know how. If you're from Detroit and you tell people you're from Detroit, this might have happened to you in the ...

Promotions And Other Jalopnik News

Detroit Jalopnik continues on as an experiment thanks to contributions from Ryan Felton, Aaron Foley, and Alex Conley. We've added a few irregular contributors, including Stef Schrader in Texas, and our Editorial Fellow Andrew Collins, who is helping with our new venture ...

Watch Even More Drifting From Detroit's Midwest Drift Union Event

By Aaron K. Foley

Here's a closer look at last weekend's Midwest Drift Union gathering by Michigan Central Depot, courtesy of the Motor City Project. The vid we posted last week was lots of overhead drone shots, but here we've got that and better views of some of the cars from the event. I remember one comment ...

Al-Jazeera America Just Did The Most Cliched 'Saving' Detroit Story

By Aaron K. Foley

Al-Jazeera America Just Did The Most Cliched 'Saving' Detroit Story Al-Jazeera America, the network that was supposed to save cable news from the spiraling abyss of substituting punditry and showboating for actual journalism, is off to quite the lazy start. At least when it comes to Detroit ...

Should The Woodward Dream Cruise Be Extended To Detroit?

By Aaron K. Foley

Everyone asks this every year, but maybe it's time to have a serious conversation about it: Why hasn't the Woodward Dream Cruise been extended to the Motor City? For gearheads and car nuts, the Dream Cruise is a spectacular display of fine engineering along Woodward Avenue, one of Michigan's ...

Before You Watch 'Low Winter Sun,' Watch 'True Life: I'm Saving Detroit'

By Aaron K. Foley

Before You Watch 'Low Winter Sun,' Watch 'True Life: I'm Saving Detroit' Here's a reminder that AMC debuts " Low Winter Sun " at 10 p.m. tonight after some other show about a teacher that operates a mobile math lab? To spread the goodness of math, I presume? I don't know what the kids are ...

For The First Time, Detroit's Next Mayor May Be A Write-In Candidate

By Aaron K. Foley

For The First Time, Detroit's Next Mayor May Be A Write-In Candidate It's almost safe to say that barring any legal challenges or any other sudden opposition, Mike Duggan, a former county prosecutor and hospital-system CEO, is going to be Detroit's next mayor come January, a feat we all saw ...

Detroit Artist Makes Fisting Joke, Local Station Completely Misses It

By Aaron K. Foley

Everything about this situation is sad and hilarious on multiple levels, but at least one lesson can be had here: All public art isn't worth the fawning media coverage. Public art is the bell for Pavlov's local journalists these days; when Banksy was in town, I'm pretty sure the acidity of the ...

We Love Detroit, Even If You Don't

By Aaron K. Foley

Detroit is bankrupt. Does it hurt to write those words? Honestly, it doesn't. It hurts as much as ripping a Band-Aid off. Detroit is bankrupt. Detroit is bankrupt. Detroit is bankrupt. I can say it a million times, but the emotional effects are minimal. Call it being jaded, or maybe just ...

Popular new meme pokes fun at young white professionals moving into Detroit

Aaron Foley, a contributor to the website Detroit Jalopnik, posted a lengthy article this afternoon, describing it as the "funniest Detroit meme. " His posting soon gave way to a thoughtful critique of the large amount of positive media coverage that young white entrepreneurs get in ...

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