Adrian Aoun

Adrian Aoun

News Aggregator Wavii Wants To “Make Facebook Out Of Google,” Bring Relevant Content To...

Wavii presently only covers the Tech to Entertainment verticals (arguably the most popular topics online) but founder and former Microsoftie Adrian Aoun wants to expand it eventually to cover Politics, Sports, Music, Cities and Gaming. Using NLP to aggregate and simplify content around ...

Wavii Vows to Understand Entire Internet

Adrian Aoun is bringing the Facebook ethos the rest of the web -- and then some. (Photo: Wired/Jon Snyder) Adrian Aoun wants to build a system that instantly understands everything posted to the internet. He started the project about three years ago, and on Wednesday, he and his ...

Why The Future Of Search May Look More Like Yahoo Than Google

By Adrian Aoun

Caption: Music apps competing for the best result on search for “Black Eyed Peas.” Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Adrian Aoun, the founder and CEO of Wavii, an app that provides instant news feeds for any topic. Prior to Wavii, Adrian was a director at Fox Interactive ...

Wavii Floats Your News Boat

“It’s kind of annoying, I only get [updates] about my friends,” says Wavii CEO and founder Adrian Aoun. This is exactly what Wavii was created for, and over the next few months they’re planning on making it more graphically delicious with visualizations of content. But what exactly is ...

Wavii aims to be the Twitter of news

Now, Adrian Aoun thinks it can be done in just five or six words. Aoun, a 29-year old entrepreneur in Seattle, unveiled on Wednesday an automated, algorithm-driven news aggregator called Wavii that strips articles down to its bare essentials -- who did what -- and presents them in ...

Wavii Confirms Google Buy, Shuts Down Its Service To Make Natural Language Products For The Search G...

... speculation running about what might be coming next, Wavii CEO Adrian Aoun confirmed that it will be shutting down its service so that it can use “our natural language research at Google ...

Wavii: A Facebook for Topics

“Facebook did really nail staying on top of your friends,” said Adrian Aoun, the chief executive and founder of Wavii. “No one has done that for staying on top of topics.” Wavii, based in Seattle, works by scouring the Web, including news sites, Twitter and blogs, for news about a vast ...

Wavii: Finally Launched After Being In Super Stealth Mode For Three Years

Wavii founder Adrian Aoun said he loved using Facebook and wanted everything in the world to be presented that way, so he started Wavii. "When you think about how you consume news on the web today, it's always through articles….whether they be blog posts, newspapers, and the like. But ...

Wavii groks the news so you don't have to

Wavii CEO Adrian Aoun's pitch: "Facebook is good for keeping up with friends, but it's kind of annoying that you can't keep up with your world this way. " Wavii is a smart timeline of the news. Its core value is that it runs its semantic engine against several hundred news feeds and is ...

Google Is Close To Acquiring Personalized News Startup Wavii

" It was founded by Adrian Aoun, a former Microsoft employee. A year ago we reported that it was getting acquisition offers from Google and Microsoft before it even launched. The difference between Summly and Wavii, and the reason it's drawn so much interest is that it uses its own ...

Wavii Comes Into Its Own on the iPhone

However, once real people started using the service, founder and CEO Adrian Aoun told me the company discovered that the folks using the iPhone app were more engaged than those who visited in a browser. That had a certain logic to it: Wavii was all about compressing news down to its ...

Has Internet Ruined Pleasure Of Olympics On TV?

Adrian Aoun, a co-founder of Wavii, wanted news to be structured in the same way information is displayed on Facebook. For instance, Wavii's new Time Machine feature lets you watch the facts unfold in real time. Aoun said the consumption patterns are no surprise, because most of ...

How You Can Social Engineer Your Social Life

Opportunities are endless, but it is the noise signals and the bubble effect that worry Adrian Aoun, co-founder of Wavii. Aoun's startup uses machine learning to help you read and digest information more efficiently. But that doesn't necessarily mean Aoun thinks machines ...

Machines Will Read The News For You, So You Don't Have To

Byte interviewed Wavii founder Adrian Aoun to find out why he thinks machines will help sort through the information overload on the Internet and why he was inspired by Facebook's design. Do you ever feel inundated with crappy content when you're trying to stay on top of the news? If you ...

Wavii Launches In Public Beta, Aiming To Be Your Big Data News Aggregator Of Choice

) Wavii has brought together a 25-person staff full of big data and machine learning experts, many of them alums from Amazon and Microsoft, and CEO Adrian Aoun tells me that the company has patents filed around the technology that makes its product possible. If you’ve ever tried to glean ...

Wavii Offers New Way To Personalize News

In addition, there’s a discover page with “tons of recommendations of things you might be interested in,” said founder and Chief Executive Adrian Aoun, “because if you follow topics in Wavii, you could become myopic.” Many companies continue to tackle the problem of how to teach ...

Google buys Wavii for $30 million, mirroring Yahoo's deal

In separate interviews last year, Wavii founder Adrian Aoun and D'Aloisio acknowledged the competition between the two startups. D'Aloisio touted Summly's superior user interface, which condenses articles into several easy-to-read paragraphs. Aoun played up his app's technology...

A wave of apps like Wavii and Summly serve news on the go

This week, Wavii, a start-up founded by a former Microsoft Corp employee, Adrian Aoun, unveiled a free iPhone app that filters news stories from around the world, crunches them through a natural language processing algorithm and presents them in five- or six-word summaries. Over the past ...

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