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Executive Tech Editor, The Huffington Post. NYC. Hi.

Why Imitation Can Be the Sincerest Form of Innovation

It’s “duplitecture”—a coinage by Huffington Post editor Bianca Bosker, who explores the phenomenon in her new book. And as becomes clear from her work, duplitecture is crucial to understanding China’s penchant for copying Western products. As high tech folks know, China copies a lot of ...

Bianca Bosker: Tell Me One Thing I Don't Know: The Selective Social Network

By Bianca Bosker

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Google's Big Glass Mistake

When Google was selling Glass to the public for the first time, Bianca Bosker at Huffington Post wrote a thorough takedown of Glass : We always knew Glass, with its vaguely orthodontic design, would be a tough sell. Yet in the thirteen months since the device first appeared on American ...

Gmail's iOS App May Have Accidentally Deleted Your Emails

So, if you want to find all of your emails from, say, Huffington Post Senior Tech Editor Bianca Bosker, you could type in the search bar "" to bring up all of her past emails. Or if you want to find all the emails you've ever sent to Bianca Bosker...

Would you wear Facebook nail polish? The 'Social Butterfly Blue' hue sold at the website's headquart...

According to a picture tweeted by Huffington Post editor Bianca Bosker, the social media giant sells a shade of nail polish at its Menlo Park, California, headquarters called Social Butterfly Blue, for $4.95 a bottle. While the website's logo isn't featured on the packaging, the ...

Siri Origin

Huffington Post's Bianca Bosker wrote up an extensive origin story full of interesting nuggets. Siri was originally a project spun out from a $150 million research project sponsored by the Defense Department called CALO, the Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes. It was intended ...

Siri, What Was Your Childhood Like?

Bianca Bosker recounts Siri’s backstory over at the Huffington Post. What originally began as a five-year DARPA-backed project to build an intelligent virtual assistant “that could reason and learn” eventually morphed into the Apple-owned iPhone-embedded Siri we know today. However, many ...

Internet users either hot or cold when it comes to religion

Bianca Bosker at the Huffington Post says Aubert L’Espérance, of Quebec, knew next to nothing about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until he began trolling church missionaries on the "Chat with a Mormon" website. He was later baptized. Bosker says the Internet has ...

China's copycat architecture boasts 'we can do this'

Bianca Bosker, author of Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China, began noticing these copycat towns about 10 years ago and wondered what was going on. “China has an incredibly rich architectural tradition all it’s own. Why would local officials be deciding to ...

Hotels Will Let You Pay Them to Live-Tweet Your Wedding

Bianca Bosker, a tech editor for the Huffington Post, received an email from the W Hotels in New York letting her know that for the low low price of $3,000 you can hire one of their Social Media Wedding Concierges to document your wedding on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Shutterfly and ...

Facebook Considers Adding a 'Sympathize' Button

The announcement was first reported by Bianca Bosker at the Huffington Post. It makes sense the company might consider a new button because Facebook users ask "Like" to do a lot. And, sometimes, that can be a problem. Since “like” is the only way to recognize you saw something on ...

Apple Announces Plans For $100 Billion Cash Hoard

By Bianca Bosker

Apple announced Monday that it plans to spend nearly half of its $100 billion cash hoard to pay out a dividend to investors and buy back shares of the company. The company's quarterly dividend, its first since 1995, would be $2.65 per share and begin "sometime in the fourth quarter of its ...

We're Ready For Our Robot Poet Overlords

By Bianca Bosker

We're Ready For Our Robot Poet Overlords A survey released this week revealed the American public to be skeptical that teleportation, lunar colonies or automated weather control will be achieved in the next 50 years. Yet another sci-fi scenario seemed more probable: Half of us are prepared for ...

Bianca Bosker: Don't Search, Just Absorb: The Dawn Of The Couch Potato Web

By Bianca Bosker

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Bianca Bosker: Facebook Is Officially 'The Man,' According To The Internet

By Bianca Bosker

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Bianca Bosker: Why A Picture Is Worth $1 Billion: Instagram Has Moments, While Facebook Has Memories...

By Bianca Bosker

Facebook just spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram, the 554 day-old company behind an app that, at least on the surface, offers everything you can already get on Facebook, only with filters that make drab photographs look pretty. You can post photos, "like" the pictures other users have ...

Bianca Bosker: Newsle Skips Your Friends' BS To Show You The News About Them That Matters

By Bianca Bosker

Facebook compiles the things your friends do that matter to them -- the famous people they've met, the lunches they've eaten, and the exotic vacations they've taken. Newsle showcases the things your friends do that actually matter. The news aggregator, which launched in beta earlier this year...

The Macalope Weekly: Low expectations

Here are some phresh new moves to the dance that’s sweeping the nation, brought to you by Bianca Bosker at the Huffington Post: Isn’t it delightful how pundits are there to tell Apple what Steve Jobs’s legacy is all about? Whatever would the people who actually knew and worked with him ...

The IBM Memo That Allowed Its Female Employees to Get Married

Kolchin, who is now 86, recently recalled those early days of the computing industry in a fascinating interview with the Huffington Post's Bianca Bosker. Women, in those days, were seen as temporary hires, holding a spot for a man, which she would relinquish if she got married. Kolchin ...

Kelly Meeker: SXSW Takes on Women, Bullying and Tech

By Bianca Bosker

Panelists including author Susan Orlean, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, Huffington Post Technology editor Bianca Bosker and journalist/TV personality Lisa Ling discussed how women reproduce the standard social anxieties online. Orlean set the tone for the discussion with what became a central ...

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