Bradford Cross

Bradford Cross

Bradfordford Cross is co-founder and head of research for FlightCaster. He builds Flightcaster’s predictive algorithms using statistical learning, as ... More »Bradfordford Cross is co-founder and head of research for FlightCaster. He builds Flightcaster’s predictive algorithms using statistical learning, as well as the supporting architecture for learning at scale. He has been doing applied research since 2001. His interests are in Maths, Statistics, Computer Science, Learning Theory, Network Theory, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and engineering at scale. His research background began with automated trading systems for hedge funds. He rounded out his engineering background working on large scale systems at Google and learning agile and lean development approaches at ThoughtWorks.

News Discovery Startup Prismatic Is Ready For The Masses, Thanks To Its New iPhone App

Prismatic co-founder and CEO Bradford Cross has taken a fairly measured approach to launching the company’s news discovery service. The team has only been opening the service gradually, and Cross tells me he’s basically treating the website as a place to test his ideas and develop ...

Finding News Is One Thing, Understanding It Is Another. Prismatic Does Both, and Fast.

According to company cofounder Bradford Cross, one user wrote in to the company explaining how he loved the recipes section of Prismatic. Cross wasn’t even aware that the category was being used or existed, but he quickly marked it as one of his interests. Now, the recipe section ...

Prismatic Updates Its News Discovery App To Bring You The Best Of Everything You’re Interested In

“Prismatic as a company is about making life more interesting,” Prismatic co-founder Bradford Cross said. “And the goal of our first product is to be a home for all your interests. It’s where everything you’re interested in can be followed.” The problem today is that most recommendation ...

Prismatic Gets $15M From Jim Breyer And Yuri Milner To Attack The Really Hard Problem Of Bringing Yo...

So when Prismatic founder Bradford Cross initially approached me to cover his company’s seed funding last year, I passed – sort of rudely. This was a mistake. I dismissed the idea initially – not because I am an NLP/machine-learning PhD, but because I’ve watched some of the most capable ...

Prismatic wants to build a social network around all of your interests, which is actually a lot har...

Bradford Cross, CEO of San Francisco-based startup Prismatic, thinks that we do, and he is doing his best to create one using the news recommendation algorithms that he and co-founder Aria Haghighi have been fine-tuning since 2011. The next iteration of that network launches today, with ...

Prismatic takes on Twitter in the race to build a better serendipity engine

Prismatic founder Bradford Cross says that’s what he wants to do as well, and he thinks his startup is actually in a better position to do it than Twitter. On Tuesday, the service launched what appears to be a direct attack on the larger network by giving users the ability to follow each ...

Prismatic Launches iPhone App, and Knocks It Out of the Park

According to founder and CEO Bradford Cross, the company built and threw away five different versions of the mobile app before it came to the current revision of the design. The first thing you notice when you open the application is that it is fast. Now, it may not seem like a big feat ...

Prismatic wants to be the newspaper for a digital age

What became Prismatic started over a year ago as a two-man venture called Woven, which co-founder Bradford Cross talked about at the time as a way to harness the power of social media and what Om has called the “democratization of distribution” to come up with a better way of consuming ...

Twitter Changes Incite Online Protests

Bradford Cross, the co-founder of Prismatic, a social news aggregation Web site, said that while Twitter and other social networks could be hard to work with, “You’re getting the lowest distribution cost in history, lots of great data that you can create value from and you’re getting a ...

Prismatic’s Bradford Cross: First we understand media, then the world

Prismatic founder Bradford Cross doesn’t come from a traditional media background — he is a data scientist who specializes in machine learning — but what he is doing with content recommendations says a lot about how the media business is evolving and what the future might look like. ...

The news curation game gets another entrant as the WaPo’s former owner relaunches Trove

Like Prismatic founder Bradford Cross, Ravindran talks about how existing networks like Facebook and Twitter force users to restrict what they share to certain specific topics they have become known for, something Cross said can “lock users in” to a particular persona on a ...

Prismatic pivots so you can share your interests online without bothering people

“Current social networks box you in,” founder Bradford Cross told VentureBeat. “If you’re in tech, but also into cooking and hiking, it’s hard to follow enough cooking and hiking people, and your followers are probably expecting tech from you, so there’s social pressure to avoid sharing ...

Prismatic Personalized News Reader Opens to the Public

Prismatic’s energetic co-founder Bradford Cross showed me a preview of the iPhone app, and it actually looks pretty cool, with some neat original gestures. Cross said that after the iPhone app comes out he wants to tackle personalization around local news. Prismatic has raised ...

Big-Data Investing Gets Its Own Supergroup

Other partners managing the fund include Matt Ocko, a veteran of Softbank who was also a seed investor in Zynga; Mike Driscoll, a founder of Metamarkets, which offers cloud-based data analysis; and Bradford Cross, who founded a company called Prismatic, which looks at an individual’s ...

A new Babylon and the rise of the tech tycoon

Sometime soon after the most recent financial crisis that threatened to bring down the entire global economy, I was sitting with one of the scary smart guys — Bradford Cross, who is co-founder and chief executive of Prismatic. We were talking about the changing of the guard in Silicon ...

The Revolution That's Transforming Our Lives

Bradford Cross’s Prismatic serves up a custom feed of the news and ideas that most reflects what I most frequently search for. Just as every talent has a flip side, one downside of such life-enhancing filtering is what Eli Pariser dubbed a filter bubble in which we narrow our interests ...

Prismatic wants to conquer the new frontier: Mobile news

Prismatic, a news-filtering service, has launched an iPhone app that founder Bradford Cross says makes the experience of reading news on a mobile device appealing for the first time, because it strips away all of the clutter that tends to slow down mobile news sites. Most traditional ...

Big data VC firm Data Collective steps out of the shadows

There are two managing partners — veteran investors Zack Bogue and Matt Ocko — two other co-founders — Prismatic Founder and CEO Bradford Cross, and Metamarkets (see disclosure) Founder and CEO Mike Driscoll — and then about 35 equity partners presently employed everywhere “from Akamai ...

Accel, Jim Breyer, Yuri Milner Back 'Social News' Startup Prismatic

That downward spiral in turn impairs the quality of journalism, according to Bradford Cross, who is one of several people who’ve started companies lately to look for answers to this problem. The team at social media company Prismatic. Cross has now raised $15 million in Series A ...

Twitter Without the Twitter Feed

"Your social accounts are seeds, not the source," co-founder Bradford Cross explained to me over email. Once you've started using it, you can refine your feed by adding new "interests" such as "cloning" or "Apple. " Over time, Prismatic will learn more about you, based on what stories ...

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