Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Jonathan James Nolan (born July 30, 1970) is a British-American film director, screenwriter and producer. He received serious notice ... More »Christopher Jonathan James Nolan (born July 30, 1970) is a British-American film director, screenwriter and producer. He received serious notice after his second feature Memento (2000), which he wrote and directed based on a story idea by his brother, Jonathan Nolan. Jonathan went to co-write later scripts with him, including the Batman series and The Prestige. He also first collaborated with Wally Pfister, who would photograph all his subsequent films. After directing Insomnia (2002), Nolan pitched an idea for a reboot of the Batman film franchise to Warner Bros., eventually making a successful trilogy. Inception (2010) was an original screenplay by Nolan, a heist film set in the world of "shared dreaming." Nolan co-founded Syncopy Films with his wife, Emma Thomas, and they have produced all his films since The Prestige (2006). Nolan has also worked with screenwriter David S. Goyer, film editor Lee Smith, composers David Julyan and Hans Zimmer, special effects coordinator Chris... [ Wikipedia ]

'Transcendence' review: Brain uploaded, logic goes out door

"Transcendence" looks and sounds like a Christopher Nolan film that got attacked by malware. One huge positive for "Transcendence": It's never boring. The film has the fascinating vibe that happens when very talented people with a large amount of resources are making something unique. ...

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Why Warner Brothers Was Right to Take a Risk on Wally Pfister and ‘Transcendence’ (TWX)

Clearly after his work on Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, nobody will ever doubt Christopher Nolan's' "vision" again. The Oscar nominee is a genius filmmaker with an eye for detail and imagination rarely seen in today's Hollywood. Unlike his contemporaries, Nolan doesn't ...

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Depp can’t transcend artificial stupidity in latest film

That’s pretty astonishing, considering this is the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, the brilliant cinematographer behind Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” and Batman movies. “Transcendence” is the sort of movie that tries to reassure us by having somebody say something like “this is ...

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'Capt. America' tops box office for third week

Directed by longtime Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister, the Warner Bros. film is Depp's second consecutive box office disappointment. He played Tonto in last summer's "The Lone Ranger" -- one of the biggest flops of 2013. Another newcomer, the religious film "Heaven Is for ...

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'Captain America' crosses $200 million in its third week

Hopefully this will not deter longtime Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister from getting back in the director's chair either. Another new release this weekend, "Haunted House 2," came in fifth place with $9.1 million. With a reported $4 million budget, this is good news for ...

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Battle for the Bigger Screen

Studio executives note that Imax also enjoys a strong relationship with marquee directors like Michael Bay, Brad Bird and Christopher Nolan, who have come to insist that their films be released in the format. (Put another way, Imax releases are now how directors determine if they are in ...

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Film Review: 'Locke'

) For quite a few years now, and certainly since his appearance in Christopher Nolan's 2010 "Inception," Tom Hardy has been such a force on the big screen that it was frustrating to find him porked up, masked and unrecognizable as the villainous Bane in Mr. Nolan's "The Dark ...

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Johnny Depp joins Justin Long in monster movie Tusk

Johnny Depp will next star in Christopher Nolan's Transcendence, which is released on April 18 in the US and on April 25 in the UK. Watch a trailer below: ...

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What Dallas Mavericks Need from Dirk Nowitzki During 2014 Playoffs

To borrow a line from Christopher Nolan's famous movie the Dark Knight, Dirk Nowitzki is the star the Dallas Mavericks deserve, just maybe not the one they need right now. What on earth does that mean? In a nutshell, Dirk is a beloved Maverick. He has adapted according to his diminishing ...

How Unbreakable Is Batman's Armor?

Through the visualizations of DC Comics and directors like Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan, the ‘Batsuit’ has evolved over time. From latex to titanium mesh, there are pinnacle properties that have remained the same, such as the memory-cloth cape, protective undersuit, utility belt and ...

Anne Hathaway shows off her subtle style in knitted neutral kit

In November she'll be seen in Interstellar, a Christopher Nolan directed film also featuring Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and Michael Caine. Much to smile about: Anne was recently seen strolling through West Hollywood with hubby Adam Shulman - she's been with the actor-turned-jewelry ...

Terasem, Transhumanism and the Singularity: Technology and Religion

“Some folks have seen this coming for 40 or 50 years,” says director Wally Pfister, who won an Oscar as the cinematographer for Christopher Nolan’s mind-bender Inception. “The moment they saw the power of computing they said, ‘Okay, at a certain point this is going to get to the point ...

'Arrow': Everything You Missed on 'The Man Under the Hood'

Several similarities have been drawn between "Arrow" and Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy thus far, but this instance is hands down the most on the nose. Seriously, Lance's speech is almost exactly like Jim Gordon's speech at the end of "The Dark Knight. " 4. Drained of Blood: ...

'Transcendence': Techno-thriller doesn't compute, critics say

Longtime Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister chose an ambitious film for his directing debut in "Transcendence," a sci-fi thriller starring Johnny Depp as a brilliant AI researcher who uploads his consciousness to a computer after being mortally wounded. While some film ...

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Though Pfister is well-known as Christopher Nolan's longtime cinematographer (nominated for four Oscars, a winner for "Inception" ), both he and screenwriter Paglen are first-timers in their respective chairs, and there are times when that shows. "Transcendence's" exposition is not ...

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Ellen Burstyn Talks Flowers in the Attic & Petals on the Wind

[Christopher Nolan] is an amazing genius. What’s it like to work with one genius like Darren and then to work with another like Christopher? They’re kind of alike in a way. They’re both extremely intelligent, extremely educated, cultured, refined, elegant, introverted… I love them ...

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BC-AP News Coverage Advisory

FILM-TRANSCENDENCE-PFISTER-DEPP— For more than a decade, cinematographer Wally Pfister has been bringing director Christopher Nolan's cinematic visions to life. Now he's calling the shots. UPCOMING: 800 words by 1800 GMT, photos. FILM-TRIBECA - When the 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival ...

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