Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson

Darrell Issa Accused Of Political Stunt In Subpoena Of Fixer Todd Park

Clay Johnson, a former White House fellow who has been critical of the administration's health care efforts, has joined forces with two other former administration officials to start a website aimed at keeping Park on the job. It's called "Now, instead of continuing to ...

House Subpoenas Todd Park, Marks Him as Next Scapegoat

The campaign was launched by two former White House innovation fellows, Clay Johnson and Adam Becker, and former White House art director Michael Aleo to get Congress to, well, let Park work on the website. "Instead of continuing to fix (a mess he did not make), Mr. Park ...

What Oracle's Botched Obamacare Site Says About the Future of the Web

The way government agencies buy software is badly broken, Clay Johnson, a former White House fellow who also co-founded the company that built President Barack Obama’s campaign website, wrote for the New York Times. The process is convoluted, and favors entrenched players who know how to ...

Obama's Broken Promise of Better Government Through Technology

“Government becomes really afraid of failure, which is a bit ironic, as this ends up leading to failure,” says Clay Johnson, a technologist who was one of the White House’s presidential innovation fellows. “But that fear of failure leads them to only want to work with known quantities...

Traffic Didn’t Crash the Obamacare Site Alone. Bad Coding Did Too.

“You need there to be good people on the inside to make good contracting decisions and good people on the outside to do the work,” explained Clay Johnson, a Democratic technology consultant who recently worked as a White House fellow. “Right now, it’s the blind leading the blind.” Even ...

Obamacare Website Test Said to Be Incomplete in Rush to Start Plan

The introduction was so rushed that, as recently as last week, the exchange’s computer code contained placeholder language that programmers typically use in preliminary drafts, said Clay Johnson, a former White House presidential innovation fellow during 2012-2013. “It was a perfect ...

Senate confirmation of NSA boss weighed McCain says Alexander should go

" The website, created by former White House innovation fellows Clay Johnson and Adam Becker, along with former White House art director Michael Aleo, calls for Park to focus on fixing the website rather than prepare for a congressional grilling. "Mr. Park is a fantastic civil servant...

Company Behind Troubled Obamacare Website Donated Heavily To Republicans In 2012

They just don’t.” Clay Johnson, a former Presidential Innovation Fellow under Obama who has excoriated the White House and HHS for its handling of the site, nonetheless also believes the problem stems from the procurement process and the biases that keep small, nimble tech start-ups from ...

Unfilled presidential appointments outpace those of Bush or Clinton years

Clay Johnson, a Republican who headed the Presidential Personnel Office director under George W. Bush, said there simply are not enough White House staff to select and vet nominees, especially in the early days of an administration. Senate clashes over appointments, in his view, are less ... Mess a Symptom of Larger Problems

I posed that question to Clay Johnson, the much-quoted CEO of the Department of Better Technology, a nonprofit that helps government with technology, and former Presidential Innovation Fellow in the White House. First of all, Johnson says it's clear from the Congressional reaction ...

U.S. Weighs Tech Fixes After Health-Site Woes

"We don't have enough people inside of government to make good sound technology decisions," said Clay Johnson, a former White House innovation fellow, a program designed to draw top technologists into the government for temporary assignments...

The data equation

“You need there to be good people on the inside to make good contracting decisions and good people on the outside to do the work,” explained Clay Johnson, a Democratic technology consultant who recently worked as a White House fellow. “Right now, it’s the blind leading the blind.” Even ...

Could the Open Source Movement Have Prevented ObamaCare’s Federal Exchange Debacle?

Democracy Now has an interesting interview with Clay Johnson, co-founder of Blue State Digital, the firm that built and managed Obama’s online 2008 campaign for the presidency in 2008, and then director of Sunlight Labs at the Sunlight Foundation. Johnson has been all over the ...

White House releases additional Benghazi documents

Clay Johnson and Adam Becker joined the Presidential Innovation Fellows program to help the White House fix the way government does business. Now... Full Article at techPresident Calling the conduct of the agency “inexcusable,” Obama said he would “do everything in my power to make sure ...

Health Exchange Tech Problems Point To A Thornier Issue

As a Presidential Innovation Fellow, Clay Johnson developed a new federal procurement platform, RFP-EZ, to simplify a complicated bidding environment. Originally published on Tue October 8, 2013 4:00 pm One week after its rocky rollout, the federal site to help you sign up for health ...

Tech expert faces congressional grilling on

Technology officers in the administration "have been positioned perfectly to take the fall for stuff like this," said Clay Johnson, a tech entrepreneur who worked with Park while on a White House fellowship in 2012. Park arrived in the Obama administration in 2009 after co-founding ...

Darrell Issa may have just lost the open government vote

... in the marvel universe, Todd Park would most assuredly be Captain America — someone who selflessly serves, has a strong moral compass, and has an uncanny ability to always be optimistic and see the best in everyone,” writes Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow Clay Johnson on Google+...

Memo to President Obama: Is More Than Just a Website

"This [website] is something that has to talk to a lot of different federal systems -- legacy databases," former White House innovation fellow and entrepreneur Clay Johnson told Bloomberg TV. The "lack of technical leadership at HHS" and a broken procurement system contributed to the ...

Obama administration mulls loosening tech hiring rules after ObamaCare rollout

These people, generally now in a record field, they’ve got a lot of options” - Robert Small, of a IT recruiting organisation Carroll Technology Services Inc. “We don’t have adequate people inside of supervision to make good sound record decisions,” pronounced Clay Johnson, a former White ...

Don’t expect big enrollment numbers for the health insurance exchanges

of Better Technology; former White House art director Michael Aleo; and Clay Johnson, who helped found Blue State Digital, the company that managed President Barack Obama's online campaign in 2008...

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