Corie Whalen

Corie Whalen

Creepy Uncle Sam Snapchat Campaign

Here's one, using a post we published from the Christian Science Monitor: Business Insider spoke with Generation Opportunity's director of communications David Pasch and spokesperson Corie Whalen about the Snapchat campaign, which takes advantage of Obamacare's disastrous launch. "We're ...

What Can Struggling Millennials Learn From the 19th Century?

Corie Whalen, spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, argued that the reason young people struggle to find a job today is quite different from the factors at play in the late 1800s. What plagues today's young people "is not the disrupting innovation that we saw in the Industrial ...

Kids pan Obamacare pajama ad: 'Everyone I know laughed'

... Smirking hipster in his jammies sells Obamacare ) Twenty six-year-old Andrew Leonard, who is losing his health insurance under Obamacare, and 26-year-old Corie Whalen from Generation Opportunity spoke to Fox’s Stuart Varney about President Obama’s new media campaign targeting them and their peers...

Ted Cruz can unite the right

By Corie Whalen

Corie Whalen, an early leader in the tea party movement, is a libertarian-conservative political consultant. Her clients range from non-profits and PACs to candidates and public figures. She writes from Houston, Texas...

Why the Class of 2018 will be better off

“Many of us are stuck doing part-time work that we’re underqualified for just because there are so few opportunities out there,” says Corie Whalen, 26, spokeswoman for Generation Opportunity, a non-profit think-tank based in Arlington, Va. Job availability is not the only problem facing ...

Is it time to quit your job?

“Staying with our current jobs long-term isn’t necessarily a good thing for those under 30,” says Corie Whalen, spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, a nonprofit think tank based in Arlington, Va. Many are stuck in part-time work and are underqualified, he says. If you are in your ...

Hub activists to hold Tax Day protests

“We see a lot of the same from both (the Democratic and Republican) parties - and that’s why people are so angry,” said Simmons College senior Corie Whalen, who’s organizing a Boston Common TEA Party.

Florida's Obamacare numbers are in, but where are the millennials?

“It’s a bad deal for young people,” Corie Whalen, spokeswoman for Generation Opportunity, told “There’s a built-in disincentive for us to sign up.” That disincentive is paying more for health insurance than actual risk assessments dictate for the younger age group. “The way ...

Survey: Health Insurance Premiums Rising Sharply Under ObamaCare

The huge number of subsidized enrollees is also cause for concern because, as Corie Whalen of Generation Opportunity observes, it “essentially means that Obamacare is the new unsustainable entitlement its critics always said it would be.” Thus, in terms of both insurance premiums and ...

Today in Liberty: Conservative groups blast House GOP on debt ceiling, jobs more important to voters...

— Obamacare, deficits, and lost opportunity for young people: In an op-ed at The Daily Caller, Corie Whalen of Generation Opportunity explains that the recent CBO report is bad news for Americans, especially for young people. The report found that Obamacare would add to the deficit and ...

Jobs Outlook Even More Dismal for the Young

Corie Whalen, spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, an advocacy group for economic opportunity among young adults, says government regulation is the main obstacle this age group faces when it comes to finding a job. The group says 18 to 29 years olds face an unemployment rate of ...

Local youth unemployment likely below national average

Corie Whalen of Generation Opportunity said there are various reasons why the region fares better, including a low minimum wage encouraging employment of teens in service industry positions and a strong industrial employment base. Just how much better Southeast Texas fares than other ...

Footage From the Code Red Rally in Washington DC

A quick hello here from Corie Whalen. Some of you may know me if you followed the American Liberty Tour via Caleb Howe’s fantastic coverage chock full of his signature wit both here at Red State and at the American Liberty Tour site via his expertly crafted flip cam updates and blogs while

FIUSM Student Media at Florida International University

“I think there are a lot of causes, but it’s our view that the root cause is the fact that there’s a whole bunch of government overregulation,” said Corie Whalen, spokesperson for Generation Opportunity. “We’re having a big situation where the federal government thinks it can manage the ...

Obamacare Supporters and Opponents Court Millennials

Corie Whalen, a spokeswoman for Generation Opportunity, took issue with the presidents message. There are still options on the private market for young adults, Whalen said, calling Obamacare generational theft. Obamacare is more expensive for young people because the government is ...

Today in Liberty: Snow shuts down federal government, intel committees faulted for lax NSA oversight...

— Happy birthday: Corie Whalen, one of our favorite people, is celebrating her birthday today. Corie is the spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, an organization that promotes free market ideas to millennials. Give her a follow on Twitter at @CorieWhalen. Happy birthday...

As open enrollment winds down, students still underrepresented under Obamacare

"We're still pushing the same message that we've been pushing from the beginning," said Corie Whalen, a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, the economic advocacy group behind Creepy Uncle Sam, which portrays the health care law as intrusive government overreach. "The problem is that ...

ACA 101: The role of young invincibles

Spokesperson, Corie Whalen says Obamacare is generational theft, right up there with other entitlement programs. “Medicare and social security are both slated to be bankrupt without reform, long before my generation even has access to them. Obamacare is actually adding to that burden and ...

David Dewhurst: The GOP’s Bad Side Personified

Corie Whalen, a US Daily Review senior editor, is 24 years old and writes from Houston, Texas. She graduated from Simmons College in Boston with a double major in political science and history. Heavily involved in libertarian and conservative politics since college, Corie has ...

College Isn't For Everyone

"It's tragic," says Corie Whalen, spokesperson for free market youth advocacy group Generation Opportunity. “You have these 18-year-olds who don’t know what they want to do, so they go to school. I’m 26, and I have a lot of friends, people my age and slightly younger, who end up dropping ...

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