Gary Cook

Gary Cook

Apple Tries to Clean Up Its Carbon-Spewing Ways With New Data Centers

“They’ve really followed through,” says Greenpeace senior policy analyst Gary Cook. (No relation to Tim, one assumes. ) “The facts on the ground have changed.” Cook emphasizes that there is still work for Apple to do, especially in China, where the company should be working harder ...

Apple Loop: An Army of Products, The iWatch Trademark, Jobs' Psychedelic Movie Poster

The detailed disclosure that Apple gave today can give confidence to Apple’s millions of users that the company is powering its corner of the Internet with clean energy,” Greenpeace IT analyst Gary Cook said in a July1 statement. “With Google, Facebook, and now Apple all announcing major ...

Apple Buys Tiny Dams to Power Its Data Centers

According to Greenpeace analyst Gary Cook, technology companies have turned to solar and wind to power their data centers, but Apple is breaking new ground. “This is certainly the first time I’ve seen this being this done by a private company and not a utility,” he says. Cook ...

Greenpeace protests Twitter, asks for 'commitment' to renewable energy

Gary Cook, senior IT analyst at Greenpeace and lead author of the Clicking Green report, described the protest as "friendly. " "We use Twitter at work all the time. We don't want them to go away," he said during an interview onsite. What he wants is for Twitter to take more of a stance ...

Amazon and Twitter’s Data Centers Flunk Greenpeace Report

For example, Amazon’s Oregon utility, Umatilla Electric Cooperative, is pushing the state to loosen environmental restrictions, says Greenpeace analyst Gary Cook. “If Amazon was motivated, you’d have a very different scenario unfolding in Oregon.” Two years ago, the environmental group ...

Greenpeace lauds tech giants for green energy push

"The changes I'm seeing from these companies gives me real hope," Gary Cook of Greenpeace said at a recent discussion panel at the Exploratorium with representatives from large tech companies that manage how much energy their data centers consume. Noticeably absent from the panel was the ...

BBC News Inside Facebook's green and clean arctic data centre

Over a million users signalled their concern by "unfriending" coal on the social network in one recent campaign, says Gary Cook, senior IT advisor at environmental group Greenpeace International. Chill wind: By locating the data centre in the far north of Sweden, Facebook uses far less ...

New Greenpeace Report Shows the Environmental Impact of the Internet

“If you aggregated the electricity use by data centers and the networks that connect to our devices, it would rank sixth among all countries,” says Gary Cook, Greenpeace’s international IT analyst and the lead author on its report. “It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s significant, and it ...

Apple leads shift towards cleaner internet

Gary Cook, Senior IT Analyst at Greenpeace, said the company's rapid shift to renewable energy over the past 24 months "made it clear why it’s one of the world’s most innovative and popular companies". Facebook and Google were also commended for their energy efforts. Facebook powers its ...

Apple's Data Centers Now 100 Percent Green (Or Something Like That)

“They’ve probably maxed out what they can generate on site, and so they’re going to buy more and more from the grid as they grow,” says Gary Cook, an analyst with Greenpeace. Apple has built a 500,000-square-foot data center on its Maiden site, but it’s expected to build another data ...

Does Amazon Have A Renewable Energy Problem? Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

I would anticipate if this goes forward that they would be a significant chunk of the pilot subscribers," says Gary Cook, an IT analyst with Greenpeace. Amazon hasn’t responded to our request for comment. Cook explains: "So far, we have had some discussions with Amazon, and ...

Report: Greenpeace calls out Amazon for ignoring use of renewable sources of energy

“They’re the absolute laggards in the industry right now,” said Gary Cook, the Greenpeace legislative director who authored the report. “All the other companies have made some incredible changes in the past 24 months, but Amazon has remained totally silent.” AWS is one of the leading ...

Apple touts its shrinking carbon footprint in an annual environmental progress report

Gary Cook, an IT analyst for the group, said "there's a lot to be pleased about in this report. The information they put out today shows that Apple has made some real progress and renewed its commitment to an even greener future. '' But Cook cautioned that Apple, as well as other ...

Greenpeace Urges Apple to Think Cleaner

“Apple has the potential to set a new bar with its coal-free iCloud commitment, but its plans to reach this goal are still mostly talk and not enough walk,” Gary Cook, Greenpeace International’s senior information technology analyst, said in a statement. Apple has been fairly specific ...

Searching The Planet To Find Power For The Cloud : All Tech Considered : NPR

"It would rank around sixth in the world," says Gary Cook at Greenpeace. "That is right after Russia and right before Germany. " Other estimates are smaller, but the figures are still staggering. The New York Times estimated that cloud computing consumed 30 billion watts of power a year ...

Twitter's San Francisco Headquarters Targeted by New Greenpeace Protest

“We love using Twitter, but we want to use it knowing that our tweets are not hurting the environment,” Greenpeace senior IT analyst Gary Cook also stressed. To prove just how committed it was to convincing Twitter to go green, the environmental group even went through the trouble to ...

Another Day, Another Tech Protest But Not for the Reason You Think

"We’re asking Twitter to join some of their peers in Silicon Valley to make the Internet clean,” said Gary Cook, a senior IT analyst for Greenpeace and the organization's spokesperson at the event. “Unfortunately Twitter has not joined that race ... Twitter’s been a very transformative ...

Greenpeace tips hat to Facebook, Google for renewable energy use

"The changes I'm seeing from the companies in the room here are giving me big hope," said Gary Cook, a senior IT policy analyst at Greenpeace, at an event in San Francisco attended by Facebook, Google, Rackspace, Yahoo and other companies that have made commitments to renewable energy. ...

Oregon data centers win praise from Greenpeace, a former skeptic

We’ve been looking at this part of the (information technology) sector and now see it’s not a bunch of hand waving at these companies,” said Gary Cook, who edited Greenpeace’s report. “They’re being aggressive, and they’re driving the utilities in terms of the types of energy they buy.” ...

Facebook: Power use in Prineville data center more than doubled last year

"I feel like they're setting a good standard for transparency," said Gary Cook, an information technology analyst for Greenpeace in San Francisco. And with new data centers in Sweden and another planned in Iowa, Cook said that Facebook is doing a good job moving toward renewable ...

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