Greg Lawson

Greg Lawson

10 Investigates: Tax Funded Daycares Questioned, State Withholds Data

“That seems odd to me,” said Greg Lawson of the Buckeye Institute. Lawson’s group routinely requests data from the state. “(It’s) very difficult to understand how you would, why you would not just want to open the doors,” Lawson said. “Disinfect everything, let everybody ...

"Give America a Raise" bus tour, lobbying for minimum wage increase, stops in Cleveland

Greg Lawson, a policy analyst at the Buckeye Institute, a conservative research group in Columbus, disagrees. He questions studies that say higher wages for low-income workers will stimulate the economy, and possibly lead to more people being hired, because these workers are more apt to ...

Experts say final work on Ohio's budget will happen mostly behind closed doors

Greg Lawson, policy analyst for the conservative Buckeye Institute, said the conference committee's process will likely resemble that of both chambers' finance committees. "People will come and testify but, like the whole process, there is a lot that happens during internal ...

Ohio Newspapers Fail The ALEC Disclosure Test

Greg Lawson, policy analyst for the conservative Buckeye Institute think tank, said policies pushed by ALEC are starting to show results in Ohio. "Quite frankly, Ohio only started making the changes ALEC recommended in recent years," he said. "It's a little premature to be making some of ...

Academic Lobbying: Ivy is not the Only Green for Universities

NEW YORK ( MainStreet )—Generally speaking, the nation's colleges and universities portray themselves as institutions engaged only in the pursuit of knowledge. So who would have guessed that universities are some of the biggest lobbyists in Washington D.C.? Apparently, the green of money ...

Kasich tax plan could raise costs for consumers (video)

Greg Lawson, a policy analyst with the conservative Buckeye Institute in Columbus, said he believes the vast majority of people in the state will pay less if the governor's proposals pass, even if some groups face higher taxes and costs. "You aren't going to know 100 percent what the ...

Will the tax issue 'merry-go-round' wear down voters?

The cumulative effect can take its toll on voters, said Greg Lawson, a policy analyst with the Buckeye Institute, a conservative Columbus-based think tank. "It's a merry-go-round with these things, and you never get off," Lawson said. Bearing that in mind, people running levy ...

Ohio's Medicaid expansion will increase revenues, number of insured

Greg Lawson, a policy analyst with the conservative Buckeye Institute, said he was concerned that Medicaid may not provide the best care possible to enrollees. In addition, he raised a question about promised funds from the federal remaining, considering the federal debt ceiling debates ...

Bad headline, bad timing: letter to the editor

The idea that employees must earn what district residents earn, as suggested by the Buckeye Institute's Greg Lawson, is plain silly. Then in wealthy areas, they should earn double that! Standing behind our schools, engaged parents and a plan to address problems is what the levy is about...

Senator brings GOP plan to event

This is not a bipartisan document by any means.” Greg Lawson, a policy analyst with the Buckeye Institute think tank in Columbus, said Jobs for America contains ideas that have been around for a while, but haven’t been tried yet. “Under a different president, after the next presidential ...

Study Suggests Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Would Cut Ohio’s Workforce

As Greg Lawson at The Buckeye Institute noted on June 11, almost 90 percent of the Ohioans who would fall under the Obamacare Medicaid expansion would be adults with no dependent children, according to a study from the left-leaning Urban Institute. “By contrast, Tennessee residents ...

New Study Touts Low Cost Of Ohio Township Governance

The Ohio Township Association commissioned the cost efficiency study(Photo: OTA) The Ohio Township Association commissioned the cost efficiency study(Photo: OTA) A new study says that townships, those unincorporated areas within a county, are the most cost-effective form of government compared ...

Kasich's Administration Split on Implementation

Greg Lawson, a policy analyst with the Buckeye Institute, says Ohio has not been as adamantly against Obama’s law as some states and has accepted a few federal taxpayer-funded grants related to implementation.

Kasich's plan is taxing nerves of some business and conservative leaders

“We love the idea of reducing the state income tax,” said Greg Lawson, statehouse liaison and policy analyst for the conservative Buckeye Institute. “It's the right move, but we need to get to cutting government spending.” Some teas partiers also are nipping at the governor's heels. Tom ...

Mixed Reviews for Kasich Budget Items Aimed at Helping Low-Income Ohioans / ideastream

Conservatives including Greg Lawson at the Buckeye Institute say these deductions and credits are a good idea for now. “It’s OK, it’s decent, it targets, it’s trying to help people out who are on the somewhat lower scale of the income,” Lawson said. “As a way station, OK, but we ...

Income gap less in Ohio but growing everywhere

“The point is that the economy has grown and a very substantial number of people aren’t benefiting.” Greg Lawson, policy analyst for the conservative Buckeye Institute, said the study likely overstates the issue because it does not take into account pensions, health benefits and other ...

Ohio Legislature Mulls Repeal of Green Energy Mandate

This week, Greg Lawson of Ohio’s Buckeye Institute arranged for me to testify before the Ohio Senate’s Public Utilities Committee on a bill to repeal their two-part mandate, which was enacted in 2008. Ohio’s law requires that 12.5% of the electricity consumed in Ohio be generated from ...

Is OH playing shell game with Medicaid money?

SHELL GAME: Greg Lawson, Buckeye Institute, says there really aren’t any Medicaid savings for Ohio because the costs are still going to increase. Ohio is projecting $404 million in savings by expanding Medicaid eligibility, and everyone wants a piece. Policy Matters Ohio wants more ...

What Should Ohio Do With Savings from Medicaid Expansion? / ideastream

We know that there are street lights dimmed in many communities.” The Buckeye Institute’s Greg Lawson says no one should be thinking about how to spend Medicaid savings at this point. “One of our biggest concerns of this Medicaid expansion all along is that it is going to cost more than ...

Days before Medicaid Expansion Vote, Opponents Threaten Lawsuit / ideastream

Greg Lawson points to lines in the budget that passed the legislature that forbid the governor from expanding Medicaid—Kasich struck those words with his line-item veto power. “I don’t know of anything where the legislature has previously voted explicitly to prohibit an action, a ...

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