Jon Caldara

Jon Caldara

Colorado AG: no criminal charges in Jon Caldara's voter registration

Republican Jon Caldara changed his voter registration Boulder to El Paso County, saying a flawed election law Democrats passed earlier this year allows him to claim residency in another jurisdiction, on Saturday, September 6, 2013. (Lynn Bartels, The Denver Post) Republican Jon ...

Colorado Dems hope to fix voter fraud loophole

The measure to close the loophole through higher penalties for voter fraud has been dubbed the “Caldara bill” after Independence Institute president Jon Caldara, who publicly exposed the troubles with the new law during last September’s recall election of former Senate President ...

Jon Caldara and Elena Nunez on U.S. Supreme Court campaign finance decision

Jon Caldara and Elena Nunez on U.S. Supreme Court campaign finance decision The recent campaign finance decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is prompting speculation as to how it will change the way money flows into politics and the influence the super-rich will have in the campaign ...

Anyone in Colorado can vote in any election in the state

Independence Institute President Jon Caldara cast a blank ballot in the recall election of former Senate President John Morse in September, even though Caldara lives 100 miles away in Boulder. He did it to illustrate what he said is a critical flaw in a new election law that ...

Former gubernatorial hopeful Scott McInnis runs in a Mesa County race

"Scorched-earth"Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute think tank, believes McInnis was the target and first high-profile victim of the new wave of dirty politics. "Scott was one of the most visible casualties of the new scorched-earth way of doing politics. Scott's was the ...

Caldara: New voting rights in Colorado

By Jon Caldara

Jon Caldara is president of the Independence Institute, a think tank in Denver...

Some Colorado agencies slow to fix problems flagged by auditors

Jon Caldara, executive director of the free-market Independence Institute in Denver, said more money for underperforming programs is never an antidote. "In the real world, if you're not doing things efficiently, your competition will take you out," he said. "Fear of competition is an ...

"Hurry! Hurry!" is no way to pass legislation

As the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara demonstrated in a stunt last fall, a voter who insists he intends to reside in a community where he has never lived basically can show up at the last minute and register to vote — and then later "change his mind" about staying. But last year's ...

Congress poised to battle over extended unemployment

" But some, like Jon Caldara from the Independence Institute, think we shouldn't wait. "Because when you have an incentive, even a slight incentive, for people not to take jobs, that keeps a recovery from happening sooner," Caldara said. "It's very tempting to keep unemployment ...

Wiretap: No kidding, the CIA lied when it said torture worked

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute — Colorado’s very own “free market think tank” — announced in a release today, April’s Fools, that the oil billionaire Koch brothers have taken a 51 percent ownership stake in the organization. At the risk of ruining the joke, the ...

Colorado GOP primaries: Divisive or unifying?

“It’s not optimal,” said Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, on Saturday morning. “The last few times it’s been a circular firing squad. ” Four years ago, political novice Dan Maes took the most votes at the GOP assembly and narrowly won the primary after a plagiarism ...

Vander Veen won't be punished

Some activists even voted out of their districts to prove the point, most notably the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara, who cast a blank ballot in the District 11 recall despite living in Boulder. Williams forwarded the Vander Veen case to the Colorado Attorney General's Office...

Vander Veen vote fraud case still under review

passed Vander Veen’s case to the attorney general’s office, which was already looking into the high-profile instance of “gypsy” voter fraud theatrics perpetrated by the Independence Institute’s Jon Caldara. Attorney General investigators ultimately dismissed both the Caldara and ...

GOP wants Colorado's new election law put on two-year time out

Also present was Jon Caldara, president of the libertarian-leaning Independence Institute and a Boulder County Republican. To highlight what he called were flaws with the election law, last year he registered to vote in El Paso County, then quickly discarded that as his residence. The ...

Election Law to Encourage ‘Voting Tourism’

Jon Caldara votes in the Colorado Springs recall election. DENVER—Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision Tuesday to sign a hotly contested elections bill was roundly condemned by conservatives, with one notable exception. Jon Caldara said he was “thrilled” with the governor and ...

Election Bill Passes after Democratic Senator Blasts “Gypsy Voter” Caldara

DENVER – The state Senate on Tuesday passed a controversial local elections measure after two days of spirited debate that began and ended with tirades by the bill’s sponsor Sen. Jessie Ulibarri demanding that the attorney general prosecute Independence Institute President Jon Caldara ...

The Durango Herald 02/03/2014

Jon Caldara, president of the right-leaning Independence Institute, garnered media attention last year when he claimed to move from Boulder to Colorado Springs in order to cast a vote in the recall election against former Senate President John Morse. The state attorney general’s office ...

Editorial: What did vote fraud stunt prove?

Jon Caldara says he proved that Colorado's new same-day voter registration law would allow voters to change districts for a day and sway elections. All he really proved is that he's really good at pulling cynical publicity stunts. In September, Caldara, a Boulder resident who is ...

Freedom with an Exception Clause

Jon Caldara, head of the Independence Institute, had to face just such a politically motivated lawsuit almost immediately. Caldara and Tvert joined numerous other citizens and groups in filing suit in federal court against Court’s law, arguing that it contained numerous violations ...

Bill Would Suspend Flaws In HB 1303 Election Reform

What were they thinking?” Proving the residency glitch that could lead to “gypsy” voters was Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, who registered to vote in the recall election of ex-Senate President John Morse in Senate District 11 in September. Caldara claimed ...

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