Mark Harrington

Mark Harrington

Marlise Munoz removed from life support; baby ‘executed by judicial tyranny,’ pro-lifers say

"The death of Baby Munoz represents a colossal failure on so many levels,” said Mark Harrington, executive director of Created Equal. “Her father failed her. The Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott,” who is running for governor, “failed her. The hospital failed her. Finally, by ...

Pro-life activist occupies Ohio early voting center

Justman has now been joined by Mark Harrington and his Created Equal truth trucks… Here are a few photos of Mark’s trucks and signs. The pro-life throng was joined yesterday by pro-life leaders Troy Newman (left) and Pat Mahoney (2nd from left). Mark is in the black hoodie. ...

Strictest Abortion Bill in Nation Could Be Passed in Ohio; 'Heartbeat Bill' Resurrected

Mark Harrington, the executive director of the Ohio pro-life group, Created Equal, refused to be overly-optimistic about the chances of the bill, but at the same time he expressed that the bill was in good shape. "There are no guarantees in politics and we have no guarantees from our ...

Planned Parenthood, LGBT Groups to Display Explicit Nude Photos to Protest Pro-Life Signs

" It continues: "The images will be accompanied by posters sharing quotes from the models and from others about decisions that are made by us or taken from us concerning our bodies in areas of health care, queer sex, birth and abortion ...." Mark Harrington, executive director of Created ...

Albuquerque citizens to vote on 20-week abortion ban in historic election today

“[Tuesday’s] vote is historic,” said Mark Harrington, Executive Director of Created Equal, a pro-life group. “Residents of Albuquerque are standing up to defend their own children. We must stand with and learn from their bold example.” “From a political standpoint, there are national ...

Anti-Abortion Display Destroyed by Angry Ohio Student, Caught on Video

"It follows that those who support dismembering preborn babies would be willing to … act unlawfully to censor photos depicting victims of abortion," Mark Harrington, executive director of Created Equal, which describes abortion as "the greatest human rights injustice of our time," said ...

United States: "pro-choice" and "pro-life" mark 40 years of the right to abortion

"We did not give up, we will continue to fight until + + Roe vs. Wade is repealed, until abortion is illegal in this country," replied Mark Harrington, executive Created Equal, before laying eyes on the pavement in memory of "50 million babies are born dead since 1973. " The Conference ...

Pro-life supporters project abortion images at Fountain Square

(Mark Harrington - Created Equal) ("Changing hearts and minds, individual hearts and minds, because politics is downstream of culture. ") Two women garbed in super-hero costumes tried to position themselves so as to block some of the view. (Allison Rampa - Hamilton) ("There are families ...

President Obama’s motorcade passed photos of aborted babies at inauguration

Mark Harrington, director of the group Created Equal initiated the protest and said on their Facebook page, “When Obama puts his hand on the Bible and swears to protect the United States Constitution, in doing so he is supposedly protecting future generations of America, the unborn...

Tight Security, Protests Expected At Inauguration : NPR

An Ohio-based anti-abortion group, Created Equal, is staging a demonstration with several dozen protesters, also on the parade route, executive director Mark Harrington said. "He'll swear to protect the rights of future pre-born children while at the time same defending the injustice of ...

Planned Parenthood Security Guard Assaults Police Officer ...

Mark Harrington of the pro-life group Created Equal, along with several other pro-life activists, held a protest at Planned Parenthood (PP) of Central Ohio’s “Condom Couture 2011″event at the Shadowbox Live Theater. Sometime after arriving at the Planned Parenthood fundraiser, off duty ...

Pro-life vid of day: Created Equal director arrested for free speech

Today, Created Equal issued this press release: On November 19, 2013, Created Equal Executive Director Mark Harrington was arrested outside of an Albuquerque election polling location for lawfully expressing his free speech rights. As video of the arrest reveals, Harrington abided ...

STAND FOR LIFE: Mark Harrington: "What About Equality Between The Born And Preborn?"

At the recent Survivors pro-life training and activism week in Albuquerque, Executive Director of Created Equal, Mark Harrington, gave an excellent presentation about showing abortion imagery, equality, and the " Killers Among Us " project. He stated that the use of the term "graphic ...

Graphic Abortion JumboTron Comes to USF Oct. 14

" -- Mark Harrington, Executive Director, Created Equal Mark Harrington is the Executive Director of Created Equal...

Ariel Castro Pleads Not Guilty to Kidnapping, Raping Women and Forcing Abortions

The grand juries’ decision to charge Castro with murdering two of the unborn children that Michelle Knight was carrying will hopefully bring them justice,” said Mark Harrington of Created Equal. “These babies deserve the same protection that all pregnant mothers have. Despite the fact ...

Abortion Video to Play on Fountain Square

“We have not found one social reform movement that was able to outlaw injustice by covering it up,” the group’s executive director, Mark Harrington, told The Catholic Beat last year. “As long as it’s hidden, it’s tolerated.” Over the summer, Created Equal sponsors “Justice Ride” tours on ...

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Charged For Killing Two Babies in Abortions

The grand juries’ decision to charge Castro with murdering two of the unborn children that Michelle Knight was carrying will hopefully bring them justice,” said Mark Harrington of Created Equal. “These babies deserve the same protection that all pregnant mothers have. Despite the fact ...

Prosecutor Asked to Charge Ariel Castro Over Five Forced Abortions

“We are outraged by Castro’s crimes and believe that he will be held accountable,” says Mark Harrington, Executive Director of Created Equal, who organized the letter. He told LifeNews, “However, the deaths of these five children are of special interest to the undersigned, and up to now ...

Linda Harvey's Message to Obama Supporters: 'What Kind of Wrath are you Calling Down on Yourselves?'...

' Submitted by Brian Tashman on Monday, 11/26/2012 12:45 pm Linda Harvey of Mission America this weekend interviewed Mark Harrington, the anti-choice activist previously with the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and now with CreatedEqual, to discuss how Obama won re-election while at the ...

Bus Load of Justice Riders Tours Florida Beginning March 10

March 10, 2014 - Jacksonville, FL - University of North Florida, Osprey Plaza March 11-12, 2014 - Gainesville, FL - University of Florida, Plaza of the Americas March 14, 2014 - Orlando, FL - University of Central Florida, Free Speech Lawn Mark Harrington, Executive Director of Created ...

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