Matt Kibbe

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The Tea Party Battles to Come

That's the message I gleaned from recent interviews with three of the movement's most prominent leaders: Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks, Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express and Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots...

Tea party group aims for 'winning by building, building by winning'

Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks president and CEO, pointed to a strategy that was "very consistent with all of the left's literature on community organizing. " He attributed a specific phrase that the tea party group has adopted -- "winning by building and building by winning" -- to the Sierra ...

Conservatives Worry Romney's Vision Is Cloudy : NPR

Others, like Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks, a Tea Party resource center in Washington, worry whether Romney can help energize grass-roots conservatives for other Republican candidates. "Traditionally, it's quite important to have the top of the ticket pulling the rest of the slate along ...

Tea Party Groups Awaken From Holiday Slumber to Fight IRS Rules

“They seem hell bent to do whatever they’re setting out to do because of the way they issued the rules and the fact that the comment period happens during the holiday season,” said Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks. “I think changing the rules in an election year is extraordinarily ...

Tea party group switches endorsement in Nebraska Senate race

In a statement, FreedomWorks head Matt Kibbe said both Osborn and Sasse are "great people," but that Osborn has allied himself with the GOP establishment. “At this point, it is clear that Shane Osborn formed allegiances with Mitch McConnell and the K Street lobbying class," Kibbe ...

E-mails back claim that Sen. Rand Paul ‘stole’ NSA lawsuit

+11 a.m. — (NSA/LAWSUIT/PAUL) EVENT — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.); lead counsel and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R); and Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, hold a news conference in front of U.S. District Court to announce a class action lawsuit against President ...

G.O.P. Senate Leaders Avert Debt Ceiling Crisis

Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, said his group would redouble its efforts to replace the top two Republican leaders. “Between the grass-roots frustration with Mitch McConnell and with John Boehner, it’s the perfect storm,” Mr. Kibbe said. Mr. Cruz, who had forced the ...

Opinion: Stop the NSA while we still can

By Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is president and CEO of FreedomWorks. Ken Cuccinelli is former attorney general of Virginia and a former Republican candidate for governor. Paul will be on Erin Burnett Out Front Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET. (CNN) -- The right of the people to be secure in their persons...

Tea Party Donors Exploit Followers, Schumer Says

Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, which was among the early Tea Party organizations, accused Mr. Schumer of “wishful thinking.” “He continues to believe that Americans want big government, but what they want is opportunity,” Mr. Kibbe said. He said the idea of selling the ...

Conservatives question US Chamber's plan to spend millions to defeat Tea Party style candidates in 2...

“But few Americans are clamoring for well-connected special interest groups to use their political connections to secure government-sponsored privileges.” His comments were similar to those of Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, which often backs Tea Party candidates. “It looks to ...

Cliff vote sets up potential 2016 flashpoint – CNN Political Ticker

Matt Kibbe, the president of the conservative tea party-aligned group Freedomworks, said the bill that passed the House was an "epic fail," and offered a similar notice to congressional leaders. "If Congressional leadership fails to do the bare minimum to secure our economic future, then ...

Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe Talk About Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney and Local Races

FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday evening to discuss the results from Super Tuesday and break down what Americans need to do to defeat Barack Obama in November. Kibbe, who told Glenn he believes Mitt Romney has a honest chance at claiming victory in ...

Romney Again The Front-Runner, But At What Cost? : NPR

That's what worries Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks, the Tea Party resource center in Washington. "For all of the circling the wagons around Mitt Romney, there's a lot of concern behind the scenes, even among Republican establishment types, that he's not a terribly strong candidate," ...

A 12 step rehab program for the Republic from Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe’s new book, “ Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto ,” is not just an impassioned philosophical tome, but also a practical roadmap for restoring a Constitutional Republic grounded in the principles and spirit of the Declaration of Independence. ...

Kentucky Tea Party Activists Utilize Left's Community Organizing Tools

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky--FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, one of the featured speakers at the organization's FreePAC Kentucky event in Louisville Saturday, told Breitbart News that the estimated 2,000 Tea Party activists attending the event will focus on the tools and techniques of ...

Washington Post

Matt Kibbe, the group’s president, and Adam Brandon, its senior vice president, declined to discuss the issue. “I don’t comment on donors,” Brandon said. “He’s on our board, he’s a board member like anyone else. That’s it. I see him at board meetings.” Stephenson, a longtime but ...

The Center for Public Integrity: Tea party leader Dick Armey gets first-class treatment

" Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, said Armey's "aggressive travel schedule" necessitates the first-class air travel. "I need someone who can be comfortable and be ready to go when he gets on the ground," Kibbe said. Kibbe makes $321,000 per year, which, like Armey's ...

Wedge Divides Old Guard And New At Tea Party Group : NPR

DAVID CORN: Well, the memo was written by Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks. He wrote this memo a few days after he received a note from two board members, saying they were going to hire outside lawyers to investigate alleged wrongdoing within the organization. He wrote his memo...

FreedomWorks Backs Matt Bevin Over Mitch McConnell

The group's president, Matt Kibbe, told the Louisville Courier-Journal that FreedomWorks would spend up to $500,000 on the race, trying to help "distribute information, putting up yard signs, making sure voters in the primary learn about Matt Bevin. " While not a shock, FreedomWorks' ...

FreedomWorks' Kibbe: Mitch McConnell Has 'Broken Faith' With Voters

Senate passage of the debt ceiling illustrates an emerging "freedom caucus" among congressional Republicans that divides lawmakers who stick by the promises they made to voters and "guys like Mitch McConnell" who have broken faith, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe charged Thursday. The ...

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