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Rupert Murdoch

Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian-American media mogul. He is the founder and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, ... More »Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian-American media mogul. He is the founder and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, the world's second-largest media conglomerate. In 1953, Murdoch became managing director of News Limited, inherited from his father. In the 1950s and '60s, he acquired various newspapers in Australia and New Zealand, before expanding into the United Kingdom in 1969, taking over the News of the World and then The Sun. He moved to New York in 1974 to expand into the US market and became a naturalised US citizen in 1985. In 1981, he bought The Times, his first British broadsheet. In 1986, keen to adopt newer electronic publishing technologies, he consolidated his UK printing operations in Wapping, causing bitter industrial disputes. His News Corporation acquired Twentieth Century Fox (1985), HarperCollins (1989) and The Wall Street Journal (2007). He formed BSkyB in 1990 and during the 1990s expanded into Asian networks and South American... [ Wikipedia ]

Murdoch talks about wooing DreamWorks chief to Fox

If Rupert Murdoch has his way, she will be. DreamWorks CEO Stacey Snider is talking with Rupert Murdoch and the boss at 20th Century Fox about taking a big job there. FORTUNE -- Rupert Murdoch, in an exclusive interview released today in the new issue of Fortune, confirms ...

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Rupert Murdoch, Hillary Clinton and the politics of 2016

Some folks may be surprised by an interview in which Rupert Murdoch declares: "I could live with Hillary as president. " Yes, he added, "We have to live with who we get. We don't have any choice. " But when asked by Fortune magazine whether he could envision himself supporting Hillary ...

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Why Is Public Television Against Public Schools? | Peter Dreier

PBS has nary a word to say about the big money -- from folks like the Walton family (Walmart), Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Eli Broad, business titan and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Joel Klein (former NYC schools chancellor and now a ...

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Hacking trial: Andy Coulson denies role in hacking Milly Dowler's phone

The former editor of the Sunday tabloid, closed by Rupert Murdoch in July 2011, told the jury in the phone hacking trial that he was unaware in 2002 that the interception of voicemails was a crime, and claimed he was only vaguely "aware” of the procedure as something "gossiped about". ...

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Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly foray into football, win ISL bids

Star India, in which media baron Rupert Murdoch has a majority stake, has acquired broadcast and sponsorship rights for the league. Nine cities were identified as franchises up for bidding and Chennai lost out. The league, which was to be held last year but deferred for later this year...

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Reaching Latinos: Media Vies for a Winning Formula

And next month in Miami Beach, Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp. and the founder of Fox News, will address the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies on his conglomerate's strategy to reach Hispanics...

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Ivanka Trump pulls away from Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife Wendi Deng

But Ivanka Trump (daughter of real estate mogul Donald) and Wendi Deng (ex-wife of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch) sure looked uncomfortable while at a New York Observer event in NYC on Tuesday. As Deng, 45, stared at the camera while standing close to Trump's husband Jared Kushner, the ...

Damien Kiberd: Be honest, GAA, the Sky deal IS about cash…

Just as Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer had blown away a century of glorious amateurism in the mid-’90s, starting with Australia and using the threat of Rugby League as a battering ram, the same money now threatened free-to-air television’s coverage of the sport. Tom was enraged, and for ...

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6 Things Shy People Can Teach Us About Success

News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently tweeted that he was trying out Transcendental Meditation, a popular technique developed in the 1960s and followed today by famous practitioners like Oprah, David Lynch and Candy Crowley. The media tycoon said on Twitter in April, "Everyone ...

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Truthseeking In The Age Of Speculation : The Protojournalist : NPR

In the more recent case of the missing airliner, Malaysian officials, reporters covering the story, even Rupert Murdoch, have all passed along speculative information. Truth-seeking websites, such as Snopes, try to keep up with all the hearsay. Others like CNN simultaneously spread ...

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Al Franken Presses Comcast On Time Warner Cable Merger: 'I'm Against This Deal'

Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, played by Ian McDiarmid, and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, played by Louise Fletcher, and Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman. Ashley Schaeffer from HBO's Eastbound and Down, played by Will Ferrell, and ...

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Dusty Springfield made jibe about the Queen then 'signed written apology'

Surely it wasn’t an attempt to endear himself to his paper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, who is a republican. Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries informs her fans on Twitter: ‘Women who make it to any Cabinet table in any party of government are either childless, wealthy or Oxbridge.’ Is she ...

Michael White's diary: Murdoch and Modi and an unlikely matchmaker

• Not even Rupert Murdoch's closest admirer (R Murdoch) would deny that the old boy loves to be on the winning side. Pro-commie in Beijing, capitalist in New York, populist in London (and Edinburgh), he is at Narendra Modi's side as the Hindu nationalist BJP leader cruises towards ...

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How to run or ruin a company in 140 characters

Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson are both seen within the communications industry as masters of moving minds with 140 characters or less, although they are protected by virtually unassailable positions within their own companies. Murdoch has around 500,000 followers on Twitter...

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Entire Faculty Of School Says Standardized Testing Has Taken Over Education

Rupert Murdoch, the founder and CEO of News Corporation, inherited his father's string of newspapers at the age of 21, which didn't leave much time for teaching. Yet, in recent years, Murdoch has extended his influence into the education world, starting an education division of ...

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Cameron's ex-media chief says Brooks affair was wrong

LONDON (Reuters) - David Cameron's former media chief Andy Coulson told a London court on Monday he had not spoken to the British prime minister since his arrest, and admitted his affair with Rebekah Brooks when working for Rupert Murdoch tabloids was wrong. Coulson and Brooks, the ...

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C.E.O. Pay Goes Up, Up and Away!

That was more than twice as much as the second and third place finishers, Robert Iger of Disney and Rupert Murdoch of 21st Century Fox. Not that they had anything to complain about, at $34.3 million and $26.1 million respectively. The Times reported that the median compensation for ...

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Rupert Murdoch recalls Blair-haha

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch has made public comments for the first time about his divorce last year from Wendi Deng and about the knowledge that she had shared secret weekends with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Murdoch family’s California ranch — although nobody ...

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