Paul Trowe

Paul Trowe

'Leisure Suit Larry' Is Back: An Interview With Replay Games President Paul Trowe

“We had been trying to license some of the classic Sierra titles since 2000 and only in 2011 did we realize the rights for Leisure Suit Larry were held by Codemasters,” Replay Games president Paul Trowe tells me. ”They didn’t have any plans for the franchise and we had the key team ...

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love Again, In HD

Replay studio director Paul Trowe told that the team is aiming to have the game finished by the fourth quarter of 2012, the 25th anniversary year of the series. Replay plans to bring the games to Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network among ...

Leisure Suit Larry out second half of May, free-to-play Larry casino game in works

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards ' HD remake will be available sometime between May 15 - 30, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe told us at GDC. We got some time with the game, which we learned had many of its puzzles altered so fans of the original game can't just power ...

'A Disturbing Gift For Fans Of Adventure Games.'

The drama centered on the entrepreneur Paul Trowe, a long-time adventure game fan himself whose Replay Games helped bring the Leisure Suit Larry back after a successful half-million-dollar 2012 Kickstarter and who has supported other adventure game comebacks. Trowe is far from the most ...

Leisure Suit Larry creator quits following sex scandal at publisher

Lowe explained to Kotaku that his decision to leave the company was due in part to the recent arrest of Replay Games president Paul Trowe, who pleaded guilty to showing an explicit video to a minor in 2012. Trowe, who claims he did not know the age of the young woman before showing her ...

"It Was Never The Sex": Leisure Suit Larry's Creators ...

Enter Paul Trowe – once Sierra’s bug-hunting boy detective, now an entrepreneur and game publisher. He picks up the story from his company Replay Inc’s Austin headquarters. I’d been testing Sierra Product since I was 12 years old. And, although I didn’t realise it at the time, I am very ...

Crowdfunding for equities? Fool's Gold

For example, Paul Trowe of Austin,Texas-based Replay Games, a development, publishing, and financier for independent game developers, complained to the SEC: “It looks like the only jobs you'll be creating with these new rules are for SEC attorneys. Seriously, are you guys on our side or ...

Leisure Suit Larry Publisher In Upheaval After Strange Sex Incident

Leisure Suit Larry's re-emergence owes itself largely to three men—Al Lowe, creator of the original 1987 classic PC game, stand-up comic Josh Mandel and Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe, whose company published Reloaded. Lowe essentially came back from retirement to lend his efforts to ...

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded creeps to retail October 29

" Replay C.E.O. Paul Trowe, in a first for him and game publishers in general, could not be reached for comment. He is believed to be on some tropical beach, sipping fruit-filled beverages, and getting sand in his iPad. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is the first of the major ...

Al Lowe on 'Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded' and 'Leisure Suit Larry 8'

I would hope it will be by Christmas, but I suspect it will be 2014.” Replay Games president Paul Trowe told Digital Trends earlier this spring that there was some contention as to what game to make after work finished on Reloaded. It was down to either an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry ...

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded aims for May 31 launch in NA, June in EU

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded needs to work out the kinks in its pick-up lines, but the game should be out by May 31 in North America, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe told Shacknews. "We should be in beta this week," Trowe said. "We need to get all the bugs and game freezes out of the way...

Telltale no longer rebooting King's Quest, but Activision may • News • PC •

Leisure Suit Larry creator Paul Trowe said he spoke to Activision about it and "they were like, 'No, we're pulling it [from Telltale] because we're going to do it ourselves". Trowe has a potential collaboration with King's Quest creator Roberta Williams lined up, hence his interest. ...

Activision is planning something for 'King's Quest' after recovering the rights from Telltale Games...

Confirmation comes from Replay Games president and founder Paul Trowe, who successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that will see an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards released on PC/Mac/Linux and mobile platforms in the coming months. Trowe ...

Kickstarter gives game developers control over their destinies

Paul Trowe, the chief executive of Replay Games (featured on the couch, left), leveraged his Kickstarter page as a proof-point for their business model. “I took a printout out of the positive comments,” he said. “Boom! Here’s our market validation.” As crowdfunding enters a gold rush ...

Introducing the finalists for our GamesBeat 2012 Who’s Got Game best game startup contest

Replay Games — Led by industry veterans Paul Trowe and Al Lowe, Replay is creating a remake of Lowe’s original Leisure Suit Larry game from the 1980s. The company raised more than $900,000 last month from a successful Kickstarter campaign, showing that there is a lot of pent-up fan ...

News: Leisure Suit Larry creator quit Replay Games over CEO sex offense

Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, says he quit publisher Replay Games following a sex scandal involving Replay CEO Paul Trowe, according to a report. Original reports of Lowe's departure from the publisher last week had claimed an amicable split. But according to Kotaku...

Leisure Suit Larry Creator Leaves Following Publisher Scandal

by Matt Helgeson on December 12, 2013 at 08:19 PM Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe has severed ties with publisher Replay Games, at least partially due to a scandal involving the company's president Paul Trowe. Replay and Al Lowe had teamed up to bring back the ribald point-and-click ...

Leisure Suit Larry’s Creator on Making a Remake, But Not Really Making One…

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Al, as well as Paul Trowe, the founder of Replay, about the remake, the state of adventure games and general… and more importantly, I just got to share in the laughs with Al who I admit, I definitely admired as a kid. Al, since I’m a fanboy, I’ve ...

Larry Creator Left After Replay CEO Paul Trowe Pleaded Guilty To Showing Sex Video To Minor

Replay CEO Paul Trowe was in legal trouble earlier this year for showing a sex video to an underage girl. ( Al Lowe, Culture, Leisure Suit Larry ) ...

Replay Games Releases Original IP Fester Mudd in Digital and Retail Stores...

Paul Trowe, CEO of Replay Games stated the following, "We are extremely proud of our original IP game in conjunction with Prank Entertainment and are happy to be carrying on the adventure gaming torch. Fester Mudd is exactly like the type of games we used to create at Sierra On-Line back ...

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