About Newsle

Newsle tracks people in the news.

Newsle finds articles about you, your friends and colleagues, and anyone else you care about and notifies you minutes or hours after they're published.

Newsle's private beta launched in January 2011, and was covered by TechCrunch. The current version, which launched in February 2012 is a major evolution of the original concept. Newsle combs the web continuously, analyzing over 1 million articles each day - every major news article and blog post published online, as well as most minor ones.

Newsle's core technology is its disambiguation algorithm, which determines whether an article mentioning "John Smith" is about the right person.

Newsle only indexes publicly available news articles. We do not search for personal records, criminal records, phone numbers, addresses, or other private information.

Newsle is funded by Advance Publications, Maveron, DFJ, Bloomberg Beta, Transmedia Capital, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Launny Steffens, and Rockwell & Evan Schnabel.

Newsle is based in San Francisco.

How It Works

• You sign up for Newsle and import your Facebook Friends or LinkedIn contacts.

• You can choose to follow politicians, CEOs, celebrities, and other people you're interested in.

• Newsle will track your people continuously and let you know when they're mentioned in any news article or blog post online.

More Info

Our Vision

The web began with handles and pseudonyms, but Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter set in motion the trend of using your real identity to interact online. Using NLP and machine learning, Newsle seeks to map this real identity to real actions, allowing you to follow the important things your people are doing. We want you to see and be inspired by the stories of your friends, colleagues, and role models.

The Team

Axel Hansen

Axel Hansen (co-founder) studied Computer Science at Harvard until April 2011, when he left to work on Newsle full-time. He has researched computer security at Dartmouth, where he published papers on network anomaly detection and smart fuzzing. In summer 2010, he was a software engineering intern at Google, where he worked on Chrome OS.

Jonah Varon

Jonah Varon (co-founder) studied Computer Science at Harvard until April 2011, when he left to work on Newsle full-time. Previously, he founded College FML, a humorous network of college-specific websites at Princeton, MIT, Brown, UCSD, and elsewhere.

Liz Ekshtat-Schultz

Liz Ekshtat-Schultz (back-end engineer) has extensive experience building large, scalable systems and application infrastructure. Previously, she was Senior Software Developer at Rounds, where she was responsible for cloud infrastructure and architecture development and optimization. Prior to Rounds, Liz held engineering positions at MiXTV and ICQ.

Paul Glootz

Paul Glootz (business development) graduated from Harvard, where he concentrated in Economics and minored in East Asian Studies. Previously, he held business development positions for the Paris and Boston based startups WikiCell Designs and Aerodesigns.

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